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About CWorks

CWorks, a company specializing in CMMS, is managed in Australia, Malaysia and United States by a group of maintenance and information technology practitioners who between them have more than 60 years combined experience in maintenance and IT from both local and multinational organizations in many countries. In addition to their experience in maintenance and IT, the CWorks team’s expertise includes a huge base of implementation experience, as they have implemented CMMS at a variety of sites internationally that include LANs, WANs, and call centers environments.

The combined know-how of the CWorks team enables CWorks Systems to produce a CMMS product that is truly fit for purpose as it is produced by practitioners for practitioners. CWorks is the sensible approach to maintenance management not only for its affordability but because it is designed and implemented by experienced practitioners who understand the costs associated with asset maintenance, operational effectiveness, and the need for continuous improvement.

CWorks's main activities are the design, development, production and support of CWorks Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS). Following successful sales in North America, CWorks in 2005 formed a subsidiary company in the USA to ensure optimal customer service and sales support for its North American clients. In March 2009, CWorks has established a presence in Melbourne,Australia with the objective of expanding its market presence and at the same time provide enhanced product support in Australia. CWorks Systems Berhad, formed in August, 2001, is a Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) status company and is listed on the Malaysian Bourse MESDAQ board.

What works for CWorks works for all

(Article taken from the New Straits Times, May 28, 2008)

CWORKS System has proven that its out-of-the-box marketing strategy is the answer to the competitive global market of the computerised maintenance management system (CMMS).

The company is known as a free CMMS provider on the Internet as well as one of the web's most popular CMMS providers in the world. Although little known in Malaysia, CWorks's CMMS is used by more than 2000 user sites in over 80 countries.

Recognising the potential in matured markets such as the United States, Canada and Europe, CWorks opened a 51 per cent-owned subsidiary, CWorks Systems Inc. in Buffalo, New York in 2005.These markets are supported from its Serdang head quarters and Buffalo office 24 hours a day. CWorks has offices in Beijing and Jakarta. CWorks, an MSC company involved in the development, marketing and support of a home-grown CMMS, started its Internet marketing in 2002 after a year of initial product development. It realizes the huge business opportunities available on the web, beside the Internet is the logical place for potential buyers or users of a CMMS.

Adopting Internet marketing strategies, CWorks CMMS found itself at the top list of search engines for CMMS or maintenance system. GoogleAd Asia Pacific acknowledge CWorks as one of the most active companies that maximizes Google search engine.

CWorks attracts an average of 200 download per day. Today, more than 200,000 of CWorks free software are in use worldwide. In November, CWorks started its first international campaign called CWorks Aware. Much has been said about the IT and maintenance operation experience of the founders and promoters of CWorks. They became a CMMS solution provider due to the difficulties in acquiring a system fitting the maintenance operations and also to make CMMS a simple solution that can be customized and maximized.

In addition, CWorks wanted to develop a CMMS that was easy and flexible in its implementation. But most of all, the market for CMMS is growing and even in markets such as North America and Europe, the use of CMMS is no longer confined to corporations and multinationals but all businesses.

In Malaysia, the private sector formed the main CMMS users over the last five years. Dominated by MNCs and Tier 1 companies, the demand has grown much faster as more and more Tier 2 and Tier 3 companies are getting more structured and adopting international standards and strategies to stay competitive.

Incidents like the burst pipe at the new Department of Justice building, leaks in Parliament House and cracked highways have prompted the authorities to place higher emphasis on maintenance. CWorks CMMS’ emphasis on work, asset and resources management modules has positioned itself as solutions to management and maintenance of national assets. As investment cost on asset increases, the cost for repair and maintenance of assets and equipment has also gone up.

This calls for better strategies in managing assets and their maintenance. Whether the repair and maintenance works are done internally or outsourced, monitoring is vital to ensure all assets and equipment are in tip-top and working condition. In addition, maintenance reduces breakdowns and minimizes cost.

With CWorks CMMS, one would know the asset they have, where they are located, how are they performing and the repair and maintenance cost.

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