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CWorks Email Notification Dispatcher

CWorks Email Notification Dispatcher is an application which dispatches email notifications to specified employees when preset criteria are met. The application processes data from the CWorks SQL database and issues email notifications as;


This application is a standalone Microsoft Access file which can be installed on the server which hosts the CWorks database or on a machine which is on 24 hours a day with a connection to the CWorks database. Options in the configuration screens allows administrators to define which employees the notifications should be sent to and query intervals.

Remote Web Request

Remote Web Request is a module purpose built to enable non-maintenance employees to raise requests to the maintenance department. It consists of a set of simplified Work Request module screens specifically designed for use by employees who are not day to day users of the system. The main advantage of this module is that there is no requirement for any specialised software to be installed on the users machine. Only a standard web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla etc) is required to have access this module.


WorkLog reads and writes directly to the SQL database. It greatly simplifies the task of creating and reporting on Work Orders, and is quickly adopted by Maintenance Tradesmen. It is very easy to use and,

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