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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some CWorks CMMS tip sheets prepared in answer to common queries that may be of help to you. These documents are in PDF format.

General Queries

1. Does CWorks Trial Version come in different languages? PDF | doc

2. What are the methods of purchasing your products? PDF | doc

3. What are the descriptions for all your products? PDF | doc

4. What minimum system requirements that I need to have to run Cworks? PDF | doc

5. What do I get when I purchase the Premium Support Package? PDF | doc

6. I bought a version of CWorks without Source Codes, How do I purchase the source codes now?PDF | doc

7. Some hints on setting up CWorks PDF | doc

8. How Can I view my Unicode characters in CWorks Plus? PDF |

9. How to delete data in CWorksFree version? PDF |

10. How to install CWorksFree on a networked (LAN)? PDF |

11. CWorksFree installation guide. PDF |

Technical Queries

1. I am using Cworks Trial Version, when I print out my work orders using the Print WO1 tab, it doesn’t show the details. why? PDF | doc

2. I tried to copy and paste some words from an external documents (MS Word and MS Excel) into Preventive Maintenance Checklist that I have created in CWorks PM Task, but it doesn’t seem to work. How do I do this? PDF | doc

3. I am using the Cworks Material module, how do I know my parts are running low? PDF | doc

4. How do I check what version of CWorks that I am using? PDF | doc

5. How do I know if they are updates for my current Cworks? PDF | doc

6. How do I delete Assets that I have already saved into the database? PDF | doc

7. How can I access my source codes that I have purchased? PDF | doc

8. I keep getting this message box (LOCK/UNLOCK) db, how do I get past this box before I access

my source codes? PDF | doc

9. How do you change the frequency of the multiple tasks? PDF | doc

10. Can I make modifications to my database even though I purchased a standard version without source codes? PDF | doc

11. When I open work order list, I can only see open work orders, how can I view other work orders? PDF | doc

12. How can I add attachment into a Work Order? PDF | doc

13. Why can’t I initiate a PM before a certain date that is specified by the system? PDF | doc

14. How can I set different access levels for my employees? PDF | doc

15. Why is my CWorks running very slow on my PC? PDF | doc

16. How can Cworks be implemented in a network environment? PDF | doc

17. How to enable macros in Microsoft Office 2007? PDF | doc

18. Changing Security Settings for CWorks SQL Client in Vista. PDF | doc

19. I am using MS Office 2007 and am unable to run CWorks upon installation with this error message. Any idea? PDF | doc

20. I am having problems connection to CWorks. It keeps asking me to refresh my database link. What do i do? PDF | doc

21. I am having issue where each time i launch cworks it prompts me to allow the cworks to be a trusted application. Any idea, i am using MS Office 2007? PDF | doc

22. I am unable to delete records, for example Labor Records from the front end. I am using MS Office 2007. PDF | doc

23. I am unable to view or create new Purchase Order or carry out Goods Receipt after authorisation. PDF | doc

24. I am having some problems running CareWorks with IE8 PDF | doc

25. How to enable macros in Microsoft Office 2003? PDF |

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