CWorks CMMS - low cost and free computerised maintenance management systems (CMMS) software CWorks CMMS - low cost and free computerised maintenance management systems (CMMS) software
CWorks SQL

CWorks SQL was developed to provide a more robust and secure system with the capability to handle large amounts of data. CWorks SQL is a client server application which is developed on Microsoft Access with Microsoft SQL Server as its database. Ideal for use across multiple sites and can be centrally installed and operated over Citrix or Windows Terminal Services Server. CWorks SQL includes 4 levels asset hierarchy (Plant, Department (Site), Section and Location).


CWorks PLUS is designed to meet the needs of small and medium size maintenance operations its functionalities include asset management, work order management, preventive maintenance management, material management and purchasing. It has been the foundation of various niche industry requirements-Asset Management System; Plant Asset management System and Integrated Facility Management System.


CMMS which is easy and simple to use.

Success Stories

Watch how Leeds Castle, Maidstone, Kent, UK uses CWorks CMMS to maintain the thousand year old castle, known as the 'loveliest castle worldwide'.
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Watch how Kaua'i Back Country Adventures uses CWorks CMMS to maintain safety standards on its assets and adventure grounds. Full video

CWorks CMMS is a comprehensive Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) software designed to make it easier for maintenance managers to track, manage and report their asset or equipment maintenance needs.

Our products range from a simple Cworks free CMMS to a comprehensive CWorks SQL with asset hierarchy designed for multisite maintenance operations or Careworks which is fully web based. The CWorks range of CMMS software meets your needs in effectiveness and affordability to assist you to:

CWorks comprises a complete, end-to-end CMMS solution with four core components namely:

Over 3000 users worldwide ranging from various industries and sizes have chosen CWorks as their CMMS software of choice to solve their maintenance management needs. A list of the industries currently using CWorks can be found in Manufacturing, Metal recycling, Building and facilities maintenance, Oil and gas, Laundries, Local / Regional councils, Schools, Churches and many more.

CWORKS Australia was established to support customers in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and the South Pacific. CWorks Australia now provides localised products support, implementation support, installation and training services for its products. CWorksSQL is now fully developed in Australia and provides worldwide support for this product.

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